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  • Labman Perspectives

    Labman Perspectives

    -I Accept Intellectual Donations- A scientist, a lab-man, & an avid hoarder of creative ideas and positive affirmations. I seek to inspire and to be inspired.

  • Makena Darya

    Makena Darya

    Hi, my name is Makena and I am an avid nature photographer and hiker. I am also passionate about: YA Novels, Environmental Management, Gin and Social Media

  • Dr. Anna Karpentiva

    Dr. Anna Karpentiva

    Mother. Seismologist. Earth Scientist. In search of Dinosaurs :)

  • Untitled Poet

    Untitled Poet

    Trying to have a positive impact on others. I write about all the random things that I come across in life. Usually, it’s philosophy.

  • Joshua Gane

    Joshua Gane

    I write content for RapTV. On Medium I write about music, politics, human and civil rights, philosophy and personal experiences.

  • Bruce Walker

    Bruce Walker

    Photographer, recovering bourgeois, coffee lover & multidisciplinary geek. Photo-genre best described as “Erratica”. Social: linktr.ee/bruce.walker

  • Gary Janosz

    Gary Janosz

    Finding the humor in a world of frustration. Always learning, usually the hard way.

  • Story Taller

    Story Taller

    Surrendering is easy… I am doing it one thousand times per day 🙃

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